The History of Ecinef is long, interesting, and full of revolutions and coups.

Everything started on February 18, 2015, when four ambitious visionaries signed the declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Ovitarampoc. Enrico Latrofa, was elected as the first President.

The main ideology of Ovitarampoc was the respect for the United Nations, in order to achieve a global world federation, without wars.

However, the four founders, didn’t have a lot of experience in creating states, for this reason the life of the nation was full of trouble and sad events. Many politicians were not interested in the creation of a prosperous and powerful nation, and Ovitarampoc remained little and insignificant.
Fortunatly, some members of the government noticed that the situation was problematic, and took extreme measures to re-establish a good government and arrest the idlers. The Minister of Defense, Andrea Salvadori, founded the Democracy Protection Service, a secret police force with large powers that could easily arrest and punish those politicians who were not doing their job. Some of them noticed the problem and used their power to stop the activities of the DPS and tried to eliminate Salvadori from the politics.

The original Declaration of Independence of Ovitarampoc, written in Italian. The four signatures at the bottom, are the ones of Enrico Latrofa, Leonardo Guadagnini, Andrea Salvadori, and Lorenzo Taddei.

On September 18, 2015, exactly seven months after the foundation of Ovitarmapoc, the idlers managed to arrest Salvadori, after that, he and his collaborators decided to create another nation, Ecinef. They declared that everyone who remained in Ovitarampoc was a terrorist, the former President, Enrico Latrofa, remained with them and became a terrorist himself.
After some months of war, Ecinef won the battle against the terrorists, and created a stable and a working government.

This is a small summary of our history, you can become part of it by applying for citizenship right now!

Bir Tawil
Bir Tawil, the original territory of Ovitarampoc. A small piece of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan
The official website of Ovitarampoc has been closed by the Ecinef’s secret services